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How much?

Calculate monthly payments amount for plastic surgery / cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and more.

Below are the average costs for some of the most common procedures listed on the Smart Beauty Guide website published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

The average cost listed below only includes the physician (surgical) fee, and does not include fees for the surgical facility/hospital, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, or other miscellaneous costs, so your total cost may be higher.

Most plastic surgery procedures are considered elective and insurance usually doesn't cover the cost.  To make procedures more affordable, many physicians offer financing options.

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Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast augmentation surgery increases or restores breast size using silicone gel implants, saline implants or in some cases, fat transfer. One of the most popular and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation has a long and successful track record in satisfying women who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures.

Average Cost*    $3,730

Breast Lift Cost

A breast lift addresses sagging and uneven breasts, decreased breast volume, drooping nipples and stretched areolas (the darker area surrounding the nipples), recreating a youthful shape and lift to your breasts. If there is too little or too much breast volume, a breast augmentation or breast reduction might be recommended in addition to a lift. Every year, thousands of woman undergo successful breast-lift surgery, experience no major problems and are pleased with the results. 

Average Cost*    $4,634

Breast Reduction Cost

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of your breasts and reshape them so that they are proportionate to the rest of your body and are no longer a source of physical discomfort. This commonly requested, predictable procedure has the dual benefits of improving your appearance while relieving the physical and emotional burden of overly large breasts. 

Average Cost* $5,579

Facelift Cost

A facelift is the most comprehensive approach to treating facial wrinkles and sagging caused by aging. The surgery varies in range from minimally invasive "lunchtime lifts" to more extensive, sophisticated surgery. A facelift removes excess skin, tightens underlying tissues and muscle and redrapes skin on the face and neck. It can correct midface sagging, marionette lines, jowls and a double chin, maintaining its reputation as the "gold standard" for facial rejuvenation. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful facelift surgery and are pleased with the results. 

Average Cost*    $5,579

Liposuction Cost

Liposuction surgery sculpts your body, eliminating unwanted pockets of exercise and diet-resistant fat from the buttocks, hips, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, calves, ankles, breasts (including male breasts), back, arms and neck. Liposuction is often combined with other procedures to create a desired shape and is one of the safest and most popular cosmetic procedures. 

Average Cost*    $3,176   

Nose Surgery Cost

Also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping, or a nose job. 

Average Cost*    $4,806

Tummy Tuck Cost

Tummy-tuck surgery or abdominoplasty, can flatten your abdomen by removing loose, excess fat and skin and tightening muscles in the abdominal wall. It can also remove some if not all of the stretch marks in your lower abdomen. It is popular following pregnancy, massive weight loss or whenever a flabby abdomen with weak muscles impairs body contour. Most patients report improved self-esteem as a result of this procedure.

Average Cost*    $5,891

*Average price for surgical fees only